Meet the writers -    

Dr. Dennis Coote spent a lifetime teaching English, Mathematics, Drama and Computer Science as a lecturer at Schools and Colleges.

He hosted seminars on various subjects including self-improvement
and property renovations. His involment for years within the racing world for some time, gave him a fascination for the mathematics and patterns involved with racing.

Hazel Reed has lived, ridden and trained with horses all her life.  She has successfully achieved her qualifications to become an instructor and has also written the textbooks for the British Horse Society Examinations to help students obtain their instructor's  certificates. 

She has trained in various yards including racing yards, where she exercised and trained with race horses.

Hazel has always been the sceptical one about racing and racing systems knowing as she does the 'behind the scenes' facts. However she does know about horses and of course horse psychology! A fact, little known, outside the equine world is the basis for the Fancy Fillies.

Together Dennis and Hazel tested the system, trialling it personally over 6 months before writing and publishing the ebook.

Hazel's own publishing firm Nova Publications has been trading since 1995 starting with the BHS exams books and developing into website, website design and creating ebooks and courses.

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