Terms and Conditions

Confidentiality Agreement

All customers of The Fancy Fillies System undertake never to publish, copy, transmit or verbally communicate any details of this system to any 3rd party who is not a fully paid-up opt-in customer.


All customers further accept that due to the nature of this business secrecy is paramount in order to protect the income levels of all members including themselves.


Any member passing on this information, will be immediately suspended indefinitely from The Fancy Fillies System Membership and legal proceedings initiated against him or her.

Nova Publications also reserves the right to terminate immediately, the membership of any member suspected of plagiarism of either this website or The Fancy Fillies System itself.


All information and content of this website is copyright Nova Publications© 2007/10.


Nova Publications and all its employees are not responsible for the members' betting activity and are not liable for any losses that may be incurred by the members.


Once payment has been processed (and login details to the Selection Service) have been provided, any refunds due are as the conditions set forth in the guarantee and will be strictly adhered to.

Data Protection

Nova Publications complies fully with the 1984 Data Protection Act.


Nova Publications is unable to accept membership from persons under the age of 18. By applying for membership of any of its racing publications or services, you are stating that you are aged 18 years or over.

Web Site Logging

We record all activity on The Fancy Fillies System web site. This includes logins, all accesses to the web pages and information that your browser sends to us. This information is collected for improving the web site and for the purpose of investigating any attempts at hacking or fraud.

Computer/Internet Accessibility and Compatibility

If you have a personal firewall installed on your computer then this will need to be configured correctly. Nova Publications is compliant with the terms of the 1984 Data Protection Act.


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