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Well I’m pleased to say I’m writing something positive for a laying system. In fact it’s actually a first. ......The Fancy Fillies system is definitely one system I’ll be adding to my portfolio of betting systems. 73.04% profit in a month! I’d have to be mad not to.
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In summary, if you’re looking for a low liability system with just a single qualifier each day, then Fancy Fillies is definitely the horse racing system for you.
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I can't praise Hazel and Dennis enough a very honest couple i am now over £900! Another loser, ya ba daba doo! fancy cheering when you have a loser, I dont know the world's gone bloody crazy!
The Fancy Fillies is a laying system based on very sound horse racing statistics with the distinct advantage that you will always be laying at a very low liability. The system has been in existence for two years and as such has built up extensive records that confirm the profitability over a long period of time.

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